Members & Term Dates

Boards, Commissions & Committees

Irmo citizens have an opportunity to actively participate in running the Town through their services on Town Boards, Committees, and Commissions. These groups help shape and carry out policy. An Irmo staff member works with each board to help it conduct business.

Each board has regular meeting days and times, although they may be altered by holidays. These meetings are open to the public and held in the Municipal Building, 7300 Woodrow, Irmo SC 29063. Meeting schedules and times are announced on the Town’s website and posted at Town Hall. Meeting times for Boards, Committees and Commissions are subject to change as needed.

Town Council is responsible for appointing members to these Boards, Committees, and Commissions. The appointment of new members are conducted during Town Council Meetings. Citizens wishing to apply for an appointment to an Irmo Board, Committee, or Commission, may submit an application.

You may apply online or obtain a copy of the application by stopping by Town Hall at 7300 Woodrow Street, Irmo, SC 29063.

Members who serve on the Town’s committees must live within the Town limits of Irmo; except for the Okra Strut Commission whose members must live within School District Lexington-Richland 5.  All Irmo Boards and Commission members must adhere to the Towns Social Media Policy.

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Social Media Policy 

Board or Commission Member Name Title Term Exp. Email
Planning Commission Judy Deloach Member 4/2025
Planning Commission Jeff Allen Member 3/2028
Planning Commission Edward Wadelington Chair 12/2026
Planning Commission Robert Cox Vice Chair 8/2024
Planning Commission Richard Scoggins Member 03/2028
Planning Commission Ed Greco Member 4/2027
Planning Commission Joseph Murphy Member 5/2025
Okra Strut Commission Mike Ward Chair 12/2025
Okra Strut Commission Phyllis Hawkins Member 12/2025
Okra Strut Commission Sandra Fulmer Member 12/2024
Okra Strut Commission Buddy Burke Member 12/2026
Okra Strut Commission Lauren Sher Vice Chair 12/2026
Okra Strut Commission Kimberly Snipes Member 12/2024
Okra Strut Commission Anna Unversaw Member 12/2026
Tax Advisory Bilyana Franks Lodging 7/2025
Tax Advisory Andre Fontana Hospitality 8/2026
Tax Advisory Beach Loveland Hospitality 8/2026
Tax Advisory Debbie Turbeville At-Large 7/2024
Tax Advisory Ashley Layne Cultural Arts 6/2025
Tax Advisory Breanna Strong At-Large 12/2023
Tax Advisory Meta James Lodging 3/2025
Board of Zoning Appeals Sharon Slashinski Member 1/2025
Board of Zoning Appeals John Davis Member 8/2026
Board of Zoning Appeals Labrina Myers Member 8/2025
Board of Zoning Appeals Walter Lindler Member 03/2028
Board of Zoning Appeals Marsha Clarke Chair 03/2028
Events Committee William Danielson Mayor Council Term
Events Committee Gabriel Penfield Councilman Council Term
Events Committee Marie Ryan Member 3/31/2026
Events Committee George Fraizer Member 3/31/2026
Events Committee Jada Powell Member 3/31/2028