Mayor and Council

The Town of Irmo Council is composed of five members including the mayor.  They are responsible for setting policy and enacting laws, rules and regulations in order to provide for future community and economic growth. The Council also provides direction and support for the orderly and efficient operation of town services.

Town Administrator

The Town Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and Town Council to manage the day-to-day operations of the Town. As the Chief Executive Officer for the Town, the Town Administrator is responsible for all functions of the Town and manages these functions through the respective departments.

Town Ordinances

Access the Town of Irmo Ordinances.

Agendas, Minutes and Videos

Access meeting schedule, agendas, minutes, and videos for the Town of Irmo.

Boards, Committees and Commissions

Irmo citizens have an opportunity to actively participate in running the Town through their services on Town Boards Committees and Commissions. These groups help shape our policy.

Citizen Boards, and Committees

Irmo citizens have an opportunity to actively participate in citizen organized Boards, and Committees which includes: Beautification Committee, Events Committee, Roads Committee, Streams and Flooding Committee.

Polling Information and Locations

The Town of Irmo is located in both Lexington County and Richland County.