Yard Debris Collection

Yard Trash Guidelines:


  • Loose limbs must be no wider than 4″ and 4′ in length.  All Limb piles may be no larger than 4' x 4' x 4' with all limbs facing the same direction.
  • Weekly limb pickups are limited to three 55-gal containers or one 4' x 4' x 4' pile.
Other Yard Debris

  • Grass, leaves, and small hedge trimmings must be bagged or containerized for collection. Debris should be placed in lawn and leaf bags with a capacity of no more than 35 gallons, or placed in 55 gallon containers.  There is no strict limit to how many bags of debris Tyler will remove at one time, but during busier seasons such as Spring and Fall they may not be able to take all bags of debris in any one week.  Please be patient - with over 4,500 residential customers, Tyler cannot take all debris bags every week.
  • Bagged yard debris must be kept separate from other trash and placed at the resident’s front property line.
  • Bagged or un-bagged yard debris is not to be placed in or on any storm drain, gutter, street, sidewalk, or water meter.
No limbs or bagged debris may be placed in or on any storm drain, gutter, street, sidewalk, or water meter.

Landscaping Contractor Debris
  • Any landscaper or contractor working for a city resident is responsible for collecting and removing debris from that project. Tenants and property owners must ensure that debris left by any contractor is removed and properly disposed of, whether by contractors, property owners, or tenants.
The Town will not collect landscaping materials such as railroad ties, bricks, rocks, concrete, dirt, other excavated material or other landscaping construction material.