For a community to continue to grow and prosper, it is essential to encourage the timely and planned annexation of land. Annexation would add previously unincorporated property into the Town. This enables the town to ensure that outward expansion at the fringe of the community is developed in an orderly manner.

The Town of Irmo recognizes the fast pace of development that is occurring around us. We are trying to predict the areas of growth to better manage their development. With greater control over development, the Town of Irmo can protect your investment by regulating what is built around your property. In addition, annexations will help us to determine the best possible locations and layout of future roads, schools, municipal buildings, and parks and influence a wide range of other decisions.

If you are interested in finding out about annexing to the Town of Irmo, we are available to assist you in the process and answer any questions. We understand you will have questions regarding the annexation process and the effect on your property taxes. By working together, we can analyze all the options to make the best decision for you and the Town.