Information for Outside Dining to ensure safety for employees and customers

Information for Outside Dining to ensure safety for employees and customers

All restaurants that provide outdoor patio venues must adhere to strict mitigation standards preventing the spread of COVID-19. The general operating matrix will require spacing of groups, limiting concentration of people, strict use of PPE, and frequent sanitizing.

Existing approved outdoor seating areas, to include open air patio, balcony, rooftop, parking lots and sidewalks, must maintain operating features per approved Fire Marshal occupancy.

The following modifications are required:

• Space tables a minimum of 8 feet from each other (measured from all edges of the table);
• Limit table groups to 8 individuals; and
• Eliminate gatherings in the building when entering or exiting outdoor seating area; and
• Maintain strict social/physical distancing guidelines

Open Areas and temporary tents utilized by existing, permitted restaurants, must have all sides of the tent open. The following conditions are required:

• Space tables a minimum of 8 feet from each other (measured from all edges of the table);
• Limit table groups to 8 individuals;
• State approved fire extinguisher within 75 feet of tent area; and
• Minimum 7-foot 6-inch head room (ceiling height).

Tables, chairs, and seats should be cleaned/sanitized after every customer.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding tent or portable structures:

• Can I set tents or open areas outside of the existing building footprint?

• Yes. but subject to local ordinances and must be contiguous to the permitted/license premise.

• Can I serve beer/wine in the tent or portable structure area if I have an on-premise permit?
• Yes, provided that there is a demarcation of the area it is being served.This may be accomplished with signs with the restaurant name and rope or tape.

• Can I provide a cocktail (mixed drink)in the tent or portable structure area if I have an on-premise permit?
• No, liquor cannot be served outside of the licensed premise

• Can I set up a buffet or self-serve beverage?
• No, table service or pick-up counter service may only be provided.

• Can I provide restroom services inside my restaurant?
• Yes, you are allowed to be sure to maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

• What are the responsibilities of providing social distancing when there is no table staff?
• Owner/operator will still manage property as normal and ensure seating layouts and procedures are followed or otherwise cease service.

Irmo Business License Notice

Prescription Notice


Dear Irmo Citizens:

As many of you know the Town of Irmo has no direct authority or role in deciding and granting rate requests by public utilities. The decision rests fully with the Public Service Commission (PSC). This being the case, the Town took this request seriously and for the first time executed the following steps:

a)     Council authorized the Town Attorney to intervene on behalf of the citizens affected.

b)    Council recommended and communicated the methods for citizens to dispute the rate increase.

c)     Council petitioned the PSC to hold an evening hearing in IRMO. That led to a packed room of citizens empowered to speak directly to the PSC and Blue Granite Water Co. (BG)

I’m happy to report that the Public Service Commission (PSC) has made their ruling regarding the Blue Granite Water Co. (BG) rate hike request. If you remember, in late 2019 BG, requested PSC approval for an increase in its rates and charges for providing sewer service in the Friarsgate subdivision in Irmo. BG requested an increase from $65.08/mo to $101.00/mo fixed. An increase of $35.92 (55.19%) while delivering mediocre service to its customers. Here’s the synopses of the PSC ruling:

1)    BG offered to delay the increase in sewer rates until September 1, 2020. Your Irmo Town Council won the argument. The PSC granted an increase of $15.85/mo (24.35%) instead of $35.92/mo (55.19%). The new rate will be $80.93/mo starting in September.

2)    The PSC ordered BG to give a one-time credit of $10.59 to all its sewer customers. This is because BG over collected Federal taxes between January 1, 2018 to June 28, 2018.

3)    The PSC agreed that customers complaints and unresponsive customer service is a problem. The Commission ruled that BG must track these complaints and prepare a quarterly report to the Commission detailing their efforts to improve the responsiveness and customer satisfaction. The first quarterly report is due on or before July 1, 2020.

4)    In the matter of flat rates for sewer service, the Commission agreed that flat rate billing is burdensome on customers with low water usage. This flat rate billing is unfair to homes with only one or two people and senior citizens on fixed incomes. BG has been ordered to investigate the feasibility of converting their billing system to a volumetric design prior to any future rate cases that they may submit to the PSC.

5)    The Commission also ordered BG to obtain the actual monthly water usage data from the City of Columbia. This is what the IRMO Council referred to as “Truth in Billing”. BG will need to provide a status report within 120 days.

6)    BG will implement a voluntary roundup program. This program will round up the bills of participating customers to the nearest higher dollar with the difference accumulated in a reserve fund for remittance to the South Carolina Office for Economic Opportunity (SCOEO). The funds would be distributed to the community to assist low income and customers experiencing hardships with their sewer bills.

7)    The PSC ruled that since BG contracts the servicing and maintenance of the Irmo sewer system to Clearwater Solutions, Inc., BG needs to submit the service contract to the PSC for approval.

8)    The PSC denied the request of BG to pass the legal expense relating to the Town of Lexington condemnation cost. The PSC also denied passing on the moving and lease cost (to the new offices in Greenville, SC.) onto their customers.

This is a significant improvement over the original request from BG. I would like to thank YOU, the citizens of IRMO for standing with the Council. Thank you for coming to the nightly PSC meetings and writing letters to the PSC. I would like to thank my fellow Council members Erik Sickinger, Kelly Busch, Kathy Condom and Bill Danielson for their work of gathering information and subsequent submission to the PSC. I would further like to thank our Town Attorney, Jake Moore for successfully arguing the case during the PSC hearings on behalf of the citizens.

Finally WASH YOUR HANDS, COVER YOUR COUGH, LIMIT YOUR INTERACTIONS with GROUPS LARGER THAN 3 people. The IRMO Council is praying for you and the safety of your families.


Mayor Barry Walker











Blue Granite Water Update

Federal Assistance (CARE ACT)


Dear Irmo Citizens;

 Today, April 1, 2020, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has issued an Executive Order temporarily closing a large number of “non-essential” and “close contact” businesses in our  State. Given the current COVID-19 virus crisis, this action is unprecedented.  It will certainly cause a lot of disruption in the economic viability of Irmo’s thriving business community and as a business owner, I understand the impact this will have on our community right here in Irmo.

 PLEASE UNDERSTAND:  This has to be done.  We must be responsible citizens and do the things necessary to mitigate the proliferation of the COVID-19 virus in our community. No one is immune to this infection. The Town of Irmo will officially adopt the Governor’s Executive Order as our policy. 

 Our Irmo first responders have been instructed to wear masks and gloves when it is necessary for person to person contacts.   We will continue to limit the Town Hall office interactions and urge you to call before you visit as entry is by appointment only. During this State of Emergency we will hold Town Council meetings via ZOOM teleconferencing. Instructions on how to participate and view the meetings will come in a future email. 

Friends, neighbors, citizens-I cannot stress this enough or be any clearer:  WASH YOUR HANDS, COVER YOUR COUGH, LIMIT YOUR INTERACTIONS WITH GROUPS LARGER than 10 and practice SOCIAL DISTANCING.   

Finally, I encourage all IRMO citizens to call your neighbors and check on them.  Say “hello”.  We are all going stir crazy and our daily routine has been upended but this simple gesture can go along way in keeping us safe and healthy (and probably sane).  All of us on Irmo Council will continue to pray for you and the safety of your families. 


 Mayor Barry Walker

Art and Poetry Contests for all District 5 students

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Message from Mayor Walker

Town of Irmo Parks are Closed