Arriving To Court

Please do not arrive more than 20 minutes prior to the start of court, unless instructed otherwise by court personnel. The Irmo Municipal Court is a place of business and visitors should wear clean, fitted clothes. Shirt and shoes are required. Please take your hat off before entering the courtroom. Unacceptable attire includes:

  • All hats
  • Shorts, cut-offs, baggy pants, flip-flop style shoes
  • Muscle shirts, T-shirts, clothing indicating gang affiliation, or other clothing with offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, obscene, suggestive words, slogans, depictions or pictures
  • Shirts that are torn, dirty and ragged, too tight, or too short
  • Provocative clothing designed, styled, or worn to provoke emotion or disrupt or distract
  • Pajamas
  • Low-cut tops
  • Short skirts or short dresses
Prohibited items:
A partial listing of prohibited items includes cell phones, laptops, readers, cameras, computers of any kind, handbags, tote bags, purses, backpacks, food, drink, and ALL weapons are strictly prohibited from the building. You may enter the Courtroom only with a vehicle key and all necessary paperwork for your Court proceedings. DO NOT attempt to bring in any prohibited items. Leave these items at home or in your car. The Court will not store prohibited items in the lobby for pick-up. A police officer will be stationed at the front door to inform you to return to your vehicle if you attempt to enter with any prohibited items.

Respect the Court:

Please observe the following guidelines when you are in the courtroom:

  • Arrive early and be prepared
  • Gum chewing, tobacco or newspapers are not allowed in the courtroom
  • If you bring your children, have someone with you who can take the child out if [s]he becomes loud or disruptive
  • When your case is called, please stand and move to the front of the room
  • Address the judge as “Your Honor”
  • Speak only when instructed or given permission
  • Do not interrupt
  • When you answer questions, be brief and to the point
  • Answer the question you were asked and stop
  • Do not argue, especially with the judge
  • Use formal English, not slang
  • Do not approach the judge’s bench without permission
  • Do not enter or depart the courtroom excessively and do not slam the doors
  • Be patient

If a police officer has instructed you to see him or her before court; speak to him or her before court or provide evidence to him or her prior to court, this means you are to appear on your assigned court date approximately 15 minutes before your assigned time to meet with that officer. The court cannot assist you with this matter.