Boards and Commissions

Irmo citizens have an opportunity to actively participate in running the Town through their services on Town Boards, Committees and Commissions. These groups help shape and carry out policy. An Irmo staff member works with each board to help it conduct business.

Each board has regular meeting days and times, although they may be altered by holidays. These meetings are open to the public and held in the Municipal Building, 7300 Woodrow, Irmo SC 29063. Meeting schedules and times are announced on the Town’s web site and posted at Town Hall. Meeting times for Board, Committees and Commissions are subject to change as needed.

Town Council is responsible for appointing members to these Boards, Committees, and Commissions. The appointment of new members are conducted during Town Council Meetings. Citizens wishing to apply for appointment to an Irmo Board, Committee or Commission, may submit a Volunteer Talent Book Application to the Town Administrator, P. O. Box 406, Irmo, SC 29063.

You may apply online at Volunteer Talent Book or obtain a copy of the application by stopping by Town Hall located at 7300 Woodrow Street, Irmo, SC 29063. Members who serve on the Town’s committees must live within the Town limits of Irmo; except for the Okra Strut Commission whose members must live within School District Lexington-Richland 5.  All Irmo Boards and Commission members must adhere to the Town’s Social Media Policy.

Town Boards, Committees and Commissions

Planning Commission – Agenda & Minutes

Citizen Boards and Committees

  • Beautification Committee –  The citizen committee will consist of three separate sub-committees:
    • (1) Beautification – This committee will identify locations and projects to beautify in the Town of Irmo.  They will coordinate with the Arbor Day Committee to finalize project ideas and secure the funding before making the presentation to the Town Council.
    •  (2) Arbor Day – The Irmo Arbor Day Committee is a 501c(3) non-profit organization with the goal to plan and provide plant material for projects.
    •  (3) Irmo Outreach Program – This will be a citizen organization that will identify citizens in need of assistance in and around their homes.  This program will be managed by Mr. Wade DeLoach  and assistance could involve home repairs and/or landscaping / yard projects. For additional information please visit Mr. Deloach’s website at                                                                                                                                                   
  • Events Committee –  This special committee will be tasked with identifying, promoting and overseeing events and public gatherings in the Town of Irmo community parks.
  • Roads Committee – This committee will be tasked with identifying roads in town that are need of repairs and reporting these areas to the staff for reporting to the appropriate agency that maintains the roadway. The Town has approximately 20 square miles of roadway and it is virtually impossible to identify all the areas with potholes, cracks, crumbling asphalt and broken concrete (various materials have been used to construct roads in the area).
  • Streams and Flooding CommitteeThis Committee will assist with locating flood prone areas and identifying the source of these flooding problems. The Town has more than 5,000 homes, 800 businesses and approximately 20 square miles of roadway and it is virtually impossible to identify all the potential flooding areas as they occur.


Irmo Town Ordinances

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