Staff Directory

Department Name Title Email
Administration Courtney Dennis Town Administrator
Administration Doug Polen Assistant Town Administrator
Administration Angie Reyes Executive Assistant
Administration Renee Caviness Director of Finance & Municipal Clerk
Administration Danielle McNaughton Communications & Special Projects
Administration Kami Layne Business License & Zoning Clerk
Administration Karley Lever Human Resources
Administration Whitt Cline Director of Public Services
Law Enforcement Bobby Dale Chief of Police
Law Enforcement John Hendricks Assistant Chief of Police
Municipal Court Olivia Chambers Clerk of Court
Municipal Court Tatum Bakley Assistant Court Administrator
Law Enforcement Alexander Aivazis Sergeant
Law Enforcement De'Andre Hugue Sergeant
Law Enforcement Andrea Grinstead Criminal Investigation Lieutenant
Law Enforcement Gail Lancaster Sr. Administrative Assistant
Law Enforcement Brett Ringer Patrol Lieutenant Training
Law Enforcement Bettye Anderson Administrative Assistant
Law Enforcement Trent Williams Community Services Sergeant
Law Enforcement Tina Sellers Administrative Assistant
Law Enforcement Paul Pittman Sergeant
Law Enforcement Brett Mielke Sergeant