Business License, Planning & Zoning

Business License

Every person engaged or intending to engage in any calling, business, occupation or profession, in whole or in part of, within the limits of the Town of Irmo, South Carolina, is required to pay an annual license tax for the privilege of doing business and obtain a business license. This includes those businesses located outside the Town of Irmo who conduct business within the municipal limits of Irmo. Before conducting business in the Town of Irmo, feel free to contact our Business License Clerk with any questions or assistance with obtaining a business license. For more information, you may access the Irmo Business License Ordinance.

If you are a new business in the Town of Irmo, or have a change in ownership, you will first need to submit a Zoning Permit Application. Once the Zoning Permit is approved, the next step will be a Fire/Safety Inspection conducted by the Irmo Fire Marshal. Upon approval from the Fire Marshal, a Business License can be obtained.

The Town of Irmo uses the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) to classify business establishments based on the type of work being performed by that business. The six-digit (NAICS) code used on the application should match the NAICS code on your Federal Tax Return if you are a Resident Business.

Businesses located within the municipal limits of Irmo may be required to submit IRS tax documents each year showing gross receipts for the calculation of their business license.

All licensed contractors must purchase a vehicle decal for each service vehicle at the job site. The cost is $3.00 per vehicle decal.

Renewals are due no later than April 15 in order to avoid penalty.  After April 15, a 5% penalty per month will be assessed.

Licensing Resources

Frequently Asked Questions for Business Licenses

Do I need a business license even if I have a state license?

Yes.  If you are deriving income from any job located with-in the town limits of Irmo or if your business is located with-in Irmo town limits you must obtain a business license from the Town of Irmo.

Can I renew my business license on-line?

No.  Not at this time; you can either mail it in or come to the Town Hall.

How much is a business license?

It depends on the type of business activity, rate classification, whether your business is located inside or outside of the Town limits, and the business’s gross receipts. If this is the first time your business has applied for a license in the Town of Irmo, please call (803) 781-7050 for assistance in classifying your business type.

Business License Ordinance

Business License Rates Schedule

Business License Instructions

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)



The Town works to administer Town Planning and Development through the adoption of a comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, and land development regulations which provide for harmonious, orderly and progressive growth, informed decisions on land use decisions, and help prepare for future development and maintain and enhance the current quality of life that makes Irmo such a distinct and desirable community in which to live. We pride ourselves in partnering with the people and businesses who invest in our community.


The ultimate goal of the Comprehensive Plan is to establish a set of guidelines and procedures that will serve as a tool for making informed decisions about land development, economic growth, infrastructure improvements, housing and transportation needs, and protecting natural and cultural resources.  State Law requires that the plan be re-evaluated every five years to reflect changes in growth or direction of development and the Irmo Planning Commission must prepare and recommend a new plan every 10 years.

Irmo Comprehensive Plan


The Zoning Department ensures compliance to the Town of Irmo Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Clerk reviews zoning request and schedules public hearings, permits signs, reviews plans to ensure compliance to zoning land use regulations, and enforces all provisions in the Zoning Ordinance.

Irmo Zoning Ordinance

Zoning and Land Development Regulations

Irmo Zoning Map


  • ALTER STRUCTURE (including decks, patios, sunrooms, driveways, etc.)
  • ACCESSORY BUILDING (including garages, carports, storage sheds, domestic kennels, satellite dishes, supported TV antennas)
  • RECREATIONAL USES (including swimming pools & tennis courts)
  • LAND DEVELOPMENT (including landscaping & tree preservation)
  • HOOD REPLACEMENT – call Irmo Fire Marshal @ 803-798-4979

(in addition to Irmo Zoning Permit)

  • CC&I SERVICES LLC  ISSUES BUILDING PERMITS, INSPECTIONS AND CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY for ALL properties (located inside the town limits of Irmo regardless of what county the property resides in)
  • If you have any questions please click on CC&I SERVICES LLC  or call  864-586-6111

Zoning Resources

Frequently Asked Questions for Zoning

If I am doing a building project and live in Richland County do I need to contact the county or town for a building permit?

You would contact the Town of Irmo first for a zoning permit and then all building questions will be referred to CC&I SERVICES, LLC for permitting and approvals.

If I want to put a shed or carport up on my property, what do I need?

You would first contact the Town for a zoning permit and you will need a copy of the plat or a drawing that shows all of the setbacks (distances from structures to the edge of your property). If you are using a contractor they would also need a business license.

How much is a zoning permit?

$25.00 for each permit required.

Zoning Permit Land Development Application

Zoning Permit Requirements

Building Permits & Inspections (CC&I SERVICES, LLC)

Rental Property Registration

The Irmo Town Ordinance 12-12 listed below outlines the rental property requirements. Landlords/Owners are required to register each residential rental property and pay a $50 registration fee for each property per year. Mail payments to: The Town of Irmo, P.O. Box 406, Irmo, SC 29063. Any payments received after April 15th will be assessed a late penalty. If you no longer own this property please submit proof that it has been sold.

Rental Property Registration Ordinance