Information for Outside Dining to ensure safety for employees and customers

Information for Outside Dining to ensure safety for employees and customers All restaurants that provide outdoor patio venues must adhere to strict mitigation standards preventing the spread of COVID-19. The general operating matrix will require spacing of groups, limiting concentration of people, strict use of PPE, and frequent sanitizing. Existing approved outdoor seating areas, to […]


PUBLIC NOTICE:  TOWN OF IRMO GENERAL ELECTION The Lexington County Election Commission announces the Town of Irmo General Election for Mayor and two Council members to be Tuesday, November 5, 2019. Persons desiring to vote in the upcoming election must be registered by October 5, 2019.  To register, one must contact the County Board of Voter […]


**IRMO GARBAGE FEE INCREASES** The Town of Irmo changed garbage contractors last year due to some deficiencies with the service provider at the time. The Town solicited bids and Tyler Sanitation was the low responsive bidder and was awarded a 3-year contract to provide solid waste and recycling service for town residents beginning July 1, […]

REMINDER: No Recycle Glass

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who Do I call to get bulk items (appliances, mattresses, furniture, etc..) picked up at my residence? A: Tyler Sanitation at (803) 626-9000 (will not accept TV, stereo, tires, petroleum products, etc.) Q: Does the garbage company pick-up construction material if I had renovations done to my house? A: No – Your contractor is […]