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The Town of Irmo is committed to promoting transparency in all our operations. As such, we've created this Resource Center to provide you with quick, easy access to financial information, contracts, compensation reports, strategic plans, and more. We've also provided handy links to upcoming public meetings and agendas, the staff directory, and information about public records requests.


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The Document Center provides easy access to public documents. Click on one of the categories below to see related documents or use the search function.

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Business34 documents

  • 2022 Rate Schedule
    document Header 2022 Rate Schedule
    There were numerous changes to the business license ordinance for the Town of Irmo in 2021 including rate and classification changes.
  • Authorized Agent Designation
    document Header Authorized Agent Designation
    If you would like to designate an authorized agent to submit a request on your behalf related to your personal information, please complete this form in its entirety.
  • Business License Calculator
    document Header Business License Calculator
    This calculator can be used to provide an estimate of your annual business license fee. Contact us with any questions or concerns.
  • Master Fee List
    document Header Master Fee List
    document Header NAICS
    The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy.
  • Town Ordinances
    document Header Town Ordinances
    Direct link to the Town's Code of Ordinances. Any other documents that appear on this site may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Municipality.

Licensing4 documents

  • Business License Instructions
    document Header Business License Instructions
    PDF version of the business license instructions.
  • In-Town Business License Application
    document Header In-Town Business License Application
    Application for business located within the limits of the Town of Irmo.
  • In-Town Business License Application - PDF
    document Header In-Town Business License Application - PDF
    PDF version of the In-Town Business License Application.
  • Out-of-Town Business License Application
    document Header Out-of-Town Business License Application
    For out of town business applications, please submit this form along with any requested information.

Hospitality Tax4 documents

  • Hospitality Tax Exemption Form
    document Header Hospitality Tax Exemption Form
    If your establishment does not sell prepared meals and/or beverages intended for immediate consumption, please complete and submit this form.
  • Hospitality Tax Guide
    document Header Hospitality Tax Guide
    Enclosed, please find your Town of Irmo Local Hospitality Tax Guide. This guide provides helpful information about the local hospitality tax and includes forms that you will need to submit your taxes.
  • Lexington County - Tax Reporting Form
    document Header Lexington County - Tax Reporting Form
    The Town adopted a Local Hospitality Tax Ordinance on December 15, 2020. This Ordinance established a two percent (2%) for Lexington County Businesses. Use this form to submit H-Tax payment information.
  • Richland County - Tax Reporting Form
    document Header Richland County - Tax Reporting Form
    The Town adopted a Local Hospitality Tax Ordinance on December 15, 2020. This Ordinance established a one percent (1%) for Richland County .

Planning2 documents

  • Annexation Request
    document Header Annexation Request
    Submit this form to initiate the Annexation process into the Town of Irmo!
  • Comprehensive Plan 2023
    document Header Comprehensive Plan 2023
    The 2023 update to the 2017 Comprehensive Plan

Zoning18 documents

  • Annexation Application
    document Header Annexation Application
  • Banner Permit
    document Header Banner Permit
  • Building Permits & Inspections (CC7I)
    document Header Building Permits & Inspections (CC7I)
  • Change of use Application
    document Header Change of use Application
  • Dumpster Permit Application
    document Header Dumpster Permit Application
    Application for placement of residential and commercial dumpsters
  • Irmo Zoning Ordinance
    document Header Irmo Zoning Ordinance
  • Outdoor Display Permit
    document Header Outdoor Display Permit
  • Permit Requirements
    document Header Permit Requirements
  • Plat Subdivision Application
    document Header Plat Subdivision Application
  • Sign Application
    document Header Sign Application
  • Special Exception Application
    document Header Special Exception Application
  • Variance Application
    document Header Variance Application
  • Zoning & Land Development Regulations
    document Header Zoning & Land Development Regulations
  • Zoning Admistrator's Appeal Application
    document Header Zoning Admistrator's Appeal Application
  • Zoning Application
    document Header Zoning Application
  • Zoning Map
    document Header Zoning Map
  • Zoning Permit Application
    document Header Zoning Permit Application
  • Zoning/Amendment Request
    document Header Zoning/Amendment Request

Human Resources2 documents

  • Board, Commission, Committee - Application
    document Header Board, Commission, Committee - Application
  • Town of Irmo - Application for Employment
    document Header Town of Irmo - Application for Employment

Law Enforcement16 documents

  • Community Services Program/Interest Request
    document Header Community Services Program/Interest Request
    Use this form to request information services such as: fingerprinting, medical disposal, gun lock program, child seat inspection.
  • Explorer Post Program Interest Form
    document Header Explorer Post Program Interest Form
  • FOI Request - Police
    document Header FOI Request - Police
  • IPD - Recruitment Form
    document Header IPD - Recruitment Form
  • Officer Inquiry, Complaint, Kudo
    document Header Officer Inquiry, Complaint, Kudo
  • Property Check Request
    document Header Property Check Request
  • Report a Code Violation
    document Header Report a Code Violation
  • Reserve an Officer
    document Header Reserve an Officer
  • Serving our Seniors
    document Header Serving our Seniors
    The Irmo Police Department will routinely contact SOS members to check on their needs and to make sure they are safe during major storms and disasters.    If you or someone you know is interested in the SOS program please complete this form.

Helpful Resources7 documents

  • Crime Stoppers
    document Header Crime Stoppers
  • D.A.R.E
    document Header D.A.R.E
  • Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force
    document Header Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force
    document Header LRADAC
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse
    document Header National Institute on Drug Abuse
    document Header SC DAODAS
  • SC State Office of Victims Assistance
    document Header SC State Office of Victims Assistance

Public Works2 documents

  • Community Park - Map
    document Header Community Park - Map
  • Suggested Plant & Tree List
    document Header Suggested Plant & Tree List

Communications4 documents

  • Bids/RFPs
    document Header Bids/RFPs
  • Business of the Month Nomination
    document Header Business of the Month Nomination
  • FOIA Request
    document Header FOIA Request
    It is preferred that all public records requests be submitted to the Town of Irmo electronically via this online form. Please allow a minimum of ten (10) business days for a response.
  • Public Notices
    document Header Public Notices

Community Information19 documents

  • Events Permit Application
    document Header Events Permit Application
  • Sanitation Request
    document Header Sanitation Request

Facility Rental Information4 documents

  • Amphitheater Rental Request
    document Header Amphitheater Rental Request
  • Citizen Feedback Form
    document Header Citizen Feedback Form
    As your municipality, we welcome your comments or concerns. Use this form to submit feedback in reference to a situation or experience, whether it be good or bad, or a general comment or suggestion.
  • Gazebo Rental Request
    document Header Gazebo Rental Request
    Use this form to submit your rental request for the Gazebo located in the Town Park.
  • Picnic Shelter Request
    document Header Picnic Shelter Request
    Use this form to submit your rental request for the picnic shelters located in the Irmo Community Park.

Animal Control4 documents

  • Carolina Wildlife Center
    document Header Carolina Wildlife Center
  • Lexington County Animal Ordinance
    document Header Lexington County Animal Ordinance
  • Lexington County Animal Services
    document Header Lexington County Animal Services
  • Richland County Animal Services
    document Header Richland County Animal Services

Utility Providers5 documents

  • Blue Granite Water Company
    document Header Blue Granite Water Company
  • City of Columbia - Water
    document Header City of Columbia - Water
  • Dominion Energy of South Carolina
    document Header Dominion Energy of South Carolina
  • Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative
    document Header Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative
  • South Carolina 811
    document Header South Carolina 811

Schools2 documents

  • Lexington Richland District 5
    document Header Lexington Richland District 5
  • Midlands Tech - Harbison
    document Header Midlands Tech - Harbison

Landlord Registration2 documents

  • Landlord Rental Registration Form
    document Header Landlord Rental Registration Form
    The required license fee is $250 per rental unit per year. Payments received after APRIL 15TH will be assessed a late penalty fee of $500.00
  • Rental Regulations
    document Header Rental Regulations
    Town Ordinance

Municipal Court4 documents

  • Lexington County Magistrate
    document Header Lexington County Magistrate
  • Pay your ticket online
    document Header Pay your ticket online
  • Richland County Magistrate
    document Header Richland County Magistrate
  • SC Judicial Department
    document Header SC Judicial Department

Finance9 documents

  • SC Comptroller
    document Header SC Comptroller
  • Spending Transparency
    document Header Spending Transparency

Audit Reports7 documents

  • 2016 Audit
    document Header 2016 Audit
  • 2017 Audit
    document Header 2017 Audit
  • 2018 Audit
    document Header 2018 Audit
  • 2019 Audit
    document Header 2019 Audit
  • 2020 Audit
    document Header 2020 Audit
  • 2021 Audit
    document Header 2021 Audit
  • 2022 Audit
    document Header 2022 Audit