Dear Irmo Citizens;

 Today, April 1, 2020, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has issued an Executive Order temporarily closing a large number of “non-essential” and “close contact” businesses in our  State. Given the current COVID-19 virus crisis, this action is unprecedented.  It will certainly cause a lot of disruption in the economic viability of Irmo’s thriving business community and as a business owner, I understand the impact this will have on our community right here in Irmo.

 PLEASE UNDERSTAND:  This has to be done.  We must be responsible citizens and do the things necessary to mitigate the proliferation of the COVID-19 virus in our community. No one is immune to this infection. The Town of Irmo will officially adopt the Governor’s Executive Order as our policy. 

 Our Irmo first responders have been instructed to wear masks and gloves when it is necessary for person to person contacts.   We will continue to limit the Town Hall office interactions and urge you to call before you visit as entry is by appointment only. During this State of Emergency we will hold Town Council meetings via ZOOM teleconferencing. Instructions on how to participate and view the meetings will come in a future email. 

Friends, neighbors, citizens-I cannot stress this enough or be any clearer:  WASH YOUR HANDS, COVER YOUR COUGH, LIMIT YOUR INTERACTIONS WITH GROUPS LARGER than 10 and practice SOCIAL DISTANCING.   

Finally, I encourage all IRMO citizens to call your neighbors and check on them.  Say “hello”.  We are all going stir crazy and our daily routine has been upended but this simple gesture can go along way in keeping us safe and healthy (and probably sane).  All of us on Irmo Council will continue to pray for you and the safety of your families. 


 Mayor Barry Walker

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