Residential Streetlights


If there is a streetlight in your neighborhood that is  not working, you need to call your utility provider for maintenance.  Repairs are normally completed within a week (both providers). 

SCE&G – You will need the number from the plate on the pole and then call 1 (800)-251-7234. 

MCEC – You will need the address that the light is installed at and then call (803) 749-6555.

 If you would like to have an LED light installed on your property, then you must call your provider (phone number listed on monthly statement) and arrange for the service.  There is no up-front cost but there will be a recurring charge on your electric bill.  Currently SCE&G charges $25 a month for a light and MCEC charges $18.50 per month.

Both electric companies are replacing damaged and inoperative lights with new LED fixtures.  They will not install an LED if current light is fully operational. 

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