Town of Irmo Services - Trash Collection

Trash Collection Regulations

Advanced Disposal is our trash contractor.  They are responsible to provide both the blue and lime green roll-carts.  If you do not have either of these, or yours is broken call 781-7050 for a replacement.  Recyclables are now collected every "other" week and on the same day as normal household garbage and yard trash. Residents must place their containers next to the curb the night before pickup, and remove them from the curb before 7:30pm after pickup. Acceptable recyclable items are displayed on the lids of each lime green roll-cart. 

Do not put yard trash or construction debris in the roll cart.  Paint cans will only be accepted with the lid off and the paint completely dry, if not; fill with sand or kitty litter and place next to curb.  Items accepted with Household Trash on your normal pickup day may include small appliances.  If you have "Special Items" such as: washing machines, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, etc..... you must call Advanced Disposal at 256-7276 to arrange a special pickup (there is no charge).

Yard Trash instructions include:

  1. All loose debris must be bagged or containerized
  2. Loose limbs must be no wider than 4" and 4' in length
  3. Weekly pickups limited to three 55-gal containers or a pile no larger than 6' x 6'
  4. 4' x 4' sections of carpet will be picked up if put with yard trash
  5. Any furniture: sofas, chairs, mattresses, box springs
  6. Grills (NO TANKS)

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