Police Department

Crime Prevention

Call "Crime Stoppers" at 1-888-CRIME-SC (1-888-274-6372).

Crime Prevention Tips for the Home

  1. Installation of an alarm system (should include a loud siren, sensors on exterior doors and motion detectors).
  2. Display security system decals on windows and doors.
  3. Lock all doors and windows whenever you leave the house (most home burglaries occur between 8am and 5pm).
  4. Install name brand (quality) deadbolts on all exterior doors.
  5. Install timers on your lights, TV and possibly the stereo system and schedule them to go on and off at staggered intervals (when away from home).   
  6. Consider installing outdoor floodlights that are motion activated.
  7. Do not hide a spare key in the mailbox, under a doormat, above a doorway, in a flower pot or under the big rock by the door (these are the first places that a thief will look).
  8. Schedule with the post office to have your mail held while away on a trip.
  9. Stop any paper deliveries while you are away.
  10. Have someone maintain your yard while you are away (anything so that your home does not have the appearance that no one is home).
  11. Verify the identity of repair people before allowing them into your home.
  12. Keep your garage locked whenever you are away from home, if you have an outside door consider installing a deadbolt.

Crime Prevention Tips for your Vehicle

  1. Always lock your vehicle when it is left unattended, be sure that windows are closed and the trunk is locked.
  2. Keep your keys in your possession at all times; do not identify your keys or the chain with your name and/or address.
  3. Avoid leaving your vehicle in unattended parking areas and look for well lit lots. When leaving your vehicle with an attendant or for servicing leave only the ignition key (keep all other keys in your possession).
  4. Purchase a vehicle with as many anti-theft devices as possible such as: steering column locks, system interrupts, removable and/or lockable stereo equipment.