Police Department

Code Enforcement

The Irmo Police Department is dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life in the Town. We want our neighborhoods and town to be safe and clean. One way we try to enhance the quality of life is through the enforcement of our town ordinances. 

"Click" on ordinances to the left and you can view all of the current town ordinances. Some of the most frequently violated ordinances are listed below:

  • Unsightly, unsanitary, and unsafe conditions (14-32)
  • Unlicensed vehicles parked in residential areas (6-04)
  • Animals running at large (6-10)
  • Howling (barking), diseased and destructive animals (6-07)
  • Recreational vehicles in residential areas (6-03)
  • Peddlers and Solicitors (24-3)
  • Condition for collection of yard debris (6-87)
  • All trash containers must be removed from curb by 7:00pm on collection day (6-87)
  • Business License - Every person engaged or intending to engage in any calling, business, occupation or profession must obtain a town business license (10-31)

Our officers regularly check for violations listed above.

Code Enforcement Complaints

If you wish to report a violation, you can call the Code Enforcement Officer at 781-8088 or send an email to Sergeant Dale at codeenforcement@townofirmosc.com

If you would like to report a code violation, or what you believe to be a violation, please include the following information in your description. By providing your name and phone number, our officer will be able to get additional background information regarding the complaint.   

  •     Today's Date
  •     Location and Description of Complaint
  •     Your Name and Phone Number